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about us

The Consolidated Irrigation District (CID) was organized on September 8, 1921. CID provides water from the Kings River for irrigation and groundwater recharge. Numerous ponding basins for storage and recharge are located throughout the service area to ensure ground water aquifer sustainability and resiliency.  In addition, CID manages an extensive system of canals and pipelines for water distribution.

Located in the San Joaquin Valley, CID encompasses approximately 144,000 acres (225 square miles) – both east and west of State Route 99 in southeastern Fresno County. Areas surrounding the Cities of Fowler, Kingsburg, Parlier, Sanger, and Selma are included in CID’s service area.  To the North, there is a common boundary with the Fresno Irrigation District. Relatively small portions are located within Kings and Tulare Counties.

CID is governed by a five-member, elected Board of Directors and administered by a General Manager. Over twenty employees operate the system and provide service to over 6,000 growers. Consolidated Irrigation District’s water distribution system consists primarily of open ditches to irrigate agricultural lands.

the board

Earl Hudson

President - Earl Hudson

Division 1
Fresno County
Term Expires: 12/2022

Ray Moles

Vice President - Ray Moles

Division 3
Fresno County
Term Expires: 12/2020

Thomas Benzler

Director - Thomas Benzler

Division 2
Fresno County
Term Expires: 12/2020

Anthony Lewis

Director - Anthony Lewis

Division 5
Fresno, Kings, Tulare Counties
Term Expires: 12/2022

Director - Mitch Ritchie

Division 4
Fresno & Kings Counties
Term Expires: 12/2022

general manager

our staff

Walt Frost

Operations Manager

Garry Ehoff


Tanya Ruiz

Tanya Ruiz

Human Resources Coordinator

Vivian Delgado

Vivian Delgado

Assessor / Collector

Richard Lopez


Irrigation Specialist

Eric Alvarez

Juan Barrientos

Alex Carrillo

Rick Cavazos

Marcus Diaz

Marcus Diaz

Eddie Gama

Felicia Gomez

Carlos Gonzales

Scott Greenwood

Jerry Hurtado

Jerry Hurtado

John MacPherson

Leo Moran

Isaac Pritchard

Jared Reed

Ruben Sandoval

Brian Slaven

Al Valles

Scott Workman

Jose Ybarra

What we do



Serving over 5,000 growers and farmers across 120,000 acres, CID provides reliable water service for crops and fields. Irrigation water is delivered through a series of pipes, basins and ditches.

Groundwater Management

With the recent passage and implementation of the Sustainable Groundwater Management Act, Groundwater Management is no longer just a best practice, but now is a required, reportable effort for every groundwater basin in the state of California. For almost a century, CID plays an active role in managing our groundwater basin; overseeing pumping, recharge and monitoring.

Water Resource Management
Recharge Management

Recharge Management

Groundwater basins must be refilled, or recharged, in order to maintain aquifer health and stability. This process is both passive, i.e. rain water percolation, and active, recharge basins. CID manages the natural percolation or sinking of water back into a groundwater basin through a number of recharge basin investments.

Water Rights Protection

Water right protection is an ongoing investment.  Not only are there annual fees associated with water right protection, there is always the need for due diligence. For the protection of their farmers and growers, CID invests a significant amount of resources annually for the oversight, registration and protection of local water rights.

water rights protection

Repair & Replacement

Infrastructure repair and replacement is a growing issue across the nation and the region. CID’s infrastructure dates back to the late 1800’s and therefore requires on-going investments in repairing and replacing these vital resources.           

Regulatory Compliance

California has one of the strictest and most complex regulatory environments in the country.  Each year, additional regulatory requirements and reporting are mandated on water agencies and irrigation districts. CID is responsible for local, state and federal regulatory compliance and reporting.

Regulatory Compliance